Significant events

Significant events


Sale of the Real Estate Division to Habitat

On 20th February, Ferrovial sold its Real Estate division to Habitat for €1.6 billion, with €250 million deferred as subordinated debt. On 27th September, through an injection of capital, Ferrovial obtained a 20% stake in Habitat by investing €125 million in the company.

Sale of Sydney Airport to MAp

After signing an agreement with Macquarie Airports (MAp), on 29th March MAp exercised its option to buy the rights to 20.9% of Sydney airport at the agreed price of 1,009 million Australian dollars (Approx. €607 million). The final amount received by Ferrovial Airports totaled 919 million Australian dollars (Approx. €546 million).

Awarding of the M-3 Toll Road in Ireland

On 7th March, the consortium Eurolink, led by Cintra (90% stake), signed a concession contract for the construction and development of the M-3 toll road in Ireland. The construction of the 50km toll road between the localities of Clonee and North of Kells, to the northwest of Dublin, will be carried out by Ferrovial-Agromán.

Formalisation of the Concession Contract for Segments 5&6 of the SH-130 Toll Road in Texas

On 26th March, a consortium led by Cintra (65% stake) and the state of Texas, USA, formalized the concession contract for the design, construction and operation of segments 5&6 of the SH-130 toll road.

Sale of Budapest Airport

On 9th May, BAA reached an agreement with Airport Holding Kft to sell its stake in Budapest Airport for 1,309 million pounds. BAA acquired Budapest Airport in December 2005 for the same amount (€1,921 million). The consideration of 1,309 million pounds consists of: 1,020 million pounds in cash, which was subsequently used to amortize debt in agreement with ADI's financing terms and conditions; and the remaining 289 million pounds will be paid in regular installments until expiry in June 2011.

Awarding of the Toll Road ‘Central Greece Motorway'

On 1st June, a consortium including Cintra (33.34% stake), signed a 30 year concession contract for the construction and development of the 231km toll road ‘Central Greece Motorway (E65)'. The road runs North-South through the center of the country and connects the motorway PATHE (Patra - Athens - Thessaloniki - Evzoni)  and the locality Egnatia. The investment adds up to €1,500 million.

Amey Selected as Provider for Network Rail

On 11th September, Network Rail, a rail infrastructure management company in the UK, selected Amey to be one of its three exclusive suppliers. It will provide maintenance and renovation of the British train lines.

BAA Finalises the Sale of all of its Australian Assets

On 8th November, BAA finalised the sale of the group's assets in six Australian airports to an entity belonging to Hastings Fund Management Ltd. for the sum of 775 million Australian dollars (€479 million).

1000 Images, one word: Ferrovial

1000 Images, one word: Ferrovial

Ferrovial is one of the leading infrastructure groups in the world employing 100,000 people in 43 counties worldwide. The company’s investment strategy is focused on 4 main business areas: construction, airports, toll roads and car parking, and services.