Management Committee


Comite de Dirección

Chief Executive Officer:

Joaquín Ayuso García

Degree in Civil Engineering. Born in 1955. Joined Ferrovial in 1982 and was appointed General Manager of the construction area in 1992, occupying this position until January 2002.

Director and General Secretary:

José Mª Pérez Tremps

Degree in Law. Council of State Lawyer and Member of the Higher Corps of Civil Administrators of the State. Born in 1952. Joined Ferrovial in 1990 as General Secretary, and has also been a Director of the Group's parent company since 1992.

Chief Executive Officer of Ferrovial-Agromán (Ferrovial Construction Division):

José Manuel Ruiz de Gopegui

Degree in Civil Engineering. Born in 1954. Joined Ferrovial in 1981 and since then has been the Delegate for Aragon, Area Manager, having been Interior Construction Manager from 1999 to January 2006.

Chief Executive Officer of Ferrovial Aeropuertos (Ferrovial Airport Division):

Íñigo Meirás Amusco

Degree in Law and MBA (Instituto de Empresa). Born in 1963. Joined Ferrovial in 1992 and was General Manager of Autopista del Sol toll road and Toll roads Manager for Cintra until November 2000.

Chief Executive Officer of Ferrovial Servicios (Ferrovial Services Division):

Santiago Olivares

Degree in Industrial Engineering (ICAI) and MBA at MIT. Born in 1967. Joined Ferrovial in 2002 as Business Development Director of Ferrovial Servicios later becoming Director of its International Division.  He concurrently held the position of Swissport CEO. Since May 2007 he has been General Director of Ferrovial Servicios.

Chief Executive Officer of Cintra (Toll roads and car parks):

Enrique Díaz-Rato

Degrees in Civil Engineering and Economics. MBA in EOI. Born in 1958. Joined Ferrovial in 2001 as General Manager of Cintra Chile. In 2003 was appointed General Manager of 407 ETR Toll Road (Toronto, Canada) and in April 2006 became Toll Road Director for USA, Canada, Chile and Ireland. In July 2006 he became CEO of Cintra.

Chief Executive Officer of Ferrovial FISA (Real State Division):

Álvaro Echániz Urcelay

Degree in Business Studies. Born in 1960. Joined Ferrovial with the takeover of Agromán, a company in which he held the position of Chief Financial Officer. Formerly Chief Financial Officer of Cintra between 1999 and September 2002.

Chief Financial Officer:

Nicolás Villén Jiménez

Degree in Industrial Engineering, and awarded an MBA (University of Columbia) and an M.Sc. (University of Florida). Born in 1949. Joined Ferrovial in 1993.

General Director of Human Resources:

Jaime Aguirre de Cárcer y Moreno

Degree in Law and Business Management (ICADE-ICAI). Born in 1951. Joined Ferrovial in 2000.