Opened in 1946

Runways 2

Terminals 5 (T5 was opened in March 2008)

Airlines 92

Destinations 187

Passengers per year  67.9 million

Flights per year 475,700

Cargo per year 1.3 million tonnes

Total surface area 1,227 hectares

Shopping space 46,000 square metres


Traffic increased by 0.8% to 67.9 million passengers. Revenues increased by 6% to reach 1,806 million euro and EBITDA increased to 813 million euro.


The inconveniences caused by security controls and long queues led to a drop in passenger satisfaction levels from 3.95 to 3.91 points (5=excellent; 1=poor). To improve security levels without penalising passengers with more queues, 700 new security officers have been employed and the space dedicated to security has been increased by 25%. In June, a 26.30 million euro investment plan was started up to improve quality in the airport. In July and August 2007, the busiest months, quality objectives were met throughout the airport and security queues took less than 10 minutes for 91% of the time.

Terminal 5

In 2007, all the necessary steps were taken (access, testing, installation of systems) to be able to open Terminal 5 in March 2008. Throughout the year, retailers signed contracts to set up their stores in the terminal. In April 2007 the first tickets were issued for flight arrivals to T5. During the summer, the London Underground Piccadilly Line began to run to T5 and transfers between Terminal 5A and 5B were tested successfully. In September, T5 was handed over to the operations team for them to start the tests and trials prior to its opening.

Improvement of facilities

As well as Terminal 5, improvements are being made in all the other. The first stage of refurbishment of Terminal 3 began in December and the plans to modernise and upgrade Terminals 1 and 4, currently in the consultation phase with the airlines and other interest groups, are also making satisfactory progress. A considerable effort has been made in terms of logistics to relocate 50 airlines.

Heathrow East

Heathrow received approval for the new Heathrow East Terminal. The Terminal will be built in the space occupied by Terminal 2 and the Queen's Building, and will have capacity for 30 million passengers. The new terminal will be a symbol of respect for the environment, with a 40% reduction in carbon emissions.

BAA: Finishing Terminal 5B

BAA: Finishing Terminal 5B

Construction of the satellite Terminal 5B at Heathrow airport - a project that intends to construct a new airport before 2012.



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