Opened in 1958

Runways 1

Terminals 2

Airlines 79

Destinations 227

Passengers per year 35 million

Flights per year  258,800

Cargo per year 171,200 tonnes

Total surface area 678 hectares

Shopping space 28,000 square metres


The number of passengers increased by 3.2% to 35 million and revenues increased by 4.7% up to 596.3 million euro with an EBITDA of 222 million euro.

  • Security continued to be a priority in 2007, with the employment of 450 new security officers and substantial investment in new facilities: six new security lines have been installed and a further seven are being built.

  • To improve the passenger experience, improvements have been made in lighting, cleaning and decoration, and fashion stores have been incorporated into the shopping area.

  • The purchase from British Airways of the luggage transfer facilities, together with the investment in new counters for ticket sales and check-in, will allow the transfer of airlines from the South Terminal to the North and will improve service conditions.

  • The entrance to the South Terminal has been completed as well as the parking area in the North Terminal. Extension of the departures area in the South Terminal will be completed in May 2008 with more space for waiting areas, toilets and shopping areas.

  • BAA plans to invest 850 million pounds in improving Gatwick between 2008 and 2013, to adapt to the increase in demand and the new generation of aircraft.

  • The strategy to encourage public transport to connect the airport is proving a success: more than 35% of passengers now access the airport by public transport.

  • In 2007, it was named the best airport in the United Kingdom, for the fourth year running.