Opened in1977

Runways 1*

Terminals 1

Airlines 37

Destinations 100

Passengers per year 9 million

Air transport movements/year 115,100

Air cargo per year  20,100 million tonnes

Total surface area 336 hectares

Total retail space 3,250 square metres

* Second runway opened


The number of passengers has increased by 5% and revenues by 6.4%, to 126.9 million euro, with EBITDA of 67 million euro.

  • The 4.5% increase in the number of passengers raised annual traffic to over nine million. For the first time, the number of routes was more than 100. 29 new international routes were introduced, which led to an increase of 25.6% in international traffic.

  • In 2007, facilities for housing aircraft were extended (3 new stands) and an investment of 42 million pounds is expected in 2008 to extend the terminals and the runways area.

  • General passenger satisfaction fell slightly from 4.07 to 4.02 points out of 5. 5 million pounds were invested to improve facilities prior to security control, with improvements in the cafés and toilets.

  • 2.5 million pounds were invested for improving the security area, with 4 new X-ray machines, more staff and a new area for handling passengers at peak times. Due to better planning, Edinburgh has reached its objective of 95% of passengers going through the controls in less than 5 minutes.

  • At present, 24% of passengers use public transport, one of the highest figures in UK airports. As it is, the airport is maintaining its objective of reaching 27% by 2011.