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Toll roads

North America

Cintra took part in the three toll road bidding projects that took place last year in the United States (Florida, Colorado and Texas). In March 2008, Cintra signed the concession contract for sections 5 and 6 of the SH-130 toll road, a project which it was awarded in 2006. The Florida project as well as the I-285 concession project, for which bids were presented in Georgia in 2006, are still waiting to be awarded. The SH-121 project in Texas was cancelled.


In the European market, the toll road programmes have been completed in countries where Cintra was already operating, such as Ireland or Greece. New projects were also launched in other markets such as Italy, Portugal and Poland where, in spite of some unexpected turns of events, such as the cancellation of the award to Cintra of the Mantua-Cremona toll road, a strong increase in activity is expected, with over 10 new concession projects for the sum of almost 5 billion euro. In Europe, Cintra has actively taken part in three biding process in Italy, one of which is awaiting award. The Concession Contract was also awarded for the Central Greece toll road, for which the bid was made in 2006, and the Contract for the M-3 toll road in Ireland was signed, which had been awarded in 2005.

Other markets

Cintra is monitoring other markets that could be of interest as well as the traditional ones such us North America and Europe. This is done according to risk and profitability criteria.

Management of the project backlog

Cintra performs active management of its project backlog aimed at maximising asset value through the introduction of operational improvements:

  • Completion of the new lanes on the 407 ETR toll road has helped to increase the level of satisfaction among users, which is reflected in the fact that on 5 October the toll road reached a new historic daily traffic record with a total of 445,822 journeys.

  • The Indiana Toll Road started up the electronic toll system on the section of the concession operated under a flat toll scheme, which is 37 kilometres long, from the Chicago Skyway. Use of the electronic toll system reached levels of almost 40%.

  • On the R-4 toll road, the construction work has been completed on the last 7-kilometre section of the M-50 toll road.

  • Improvement and rehabilitation works in the Chicago Skyway have been completed, which will facilitate its configuration of 3 lanes in each direction.


Among the finance operations that took place in 2007 were:

  • Closure of the capital structures for financing the Ionian Roads and M-3 toll roads with total planned investment of 1.58 billion euro and 575 million euro respectively.

  • Refinancing of the existing debt in Ausol for € 486.8 million in a three-year period.

407 ETR Toll road - Corporate video

407 ETR Toll road - Corporate video

The ETR 407 toll road is one of the cleanest and safest in the world.