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Car parks

Over the year, Cintra Aparcamientos analysed 103 projects, presented 49 bids and won 29 out of the 38 tenders on which a decision was made, giving the company a success rate of 76.3%. Total investment in new contracts during the year reached 53.4 million euro.

During 2007, Cintra Aparcamientos was awarded new off-street car park contracts, which included the 50 year concession for the off street car park at Pamplona Hospital (1,408 parking spaces), the car parks at the Figueras Hospital and Passeig Nou (717 parking spaces) and the renewal of the Pombo car park in Santander (345 parking spaces). Among the most important milestones was being awarded the management of the car parks for Expo 2008 in Zaragoza (10,081 parking spaces), which will be held between June and September.

In on-street parking, through Dornier, the tenders were awarded for on-street parking services (O.R.A.) in a total of 9 cities. The most important of these were: Vigo (2,850 parking spaces), Palma de Mallorca (7,110 parking spaces) and Baracaldo (13,373 parking spaces).

In 2007, the presence of Cintra Aparcamientos has continued to expand in Spanish airports reaching a total of 29,000 at the end of 2007 following the awarding of the management of the airport car parks in San Sebastián (311 parking spaces), Tenerife North (1,561 parking spaces) and Lanzarote (1,632 parking spaces).

  • Activity in all business areas: development and operation of off-street car parks, regulation and management of on-street car parks (O.R.A.) and development and transfer of use of private car parks, as well as the tow-away vehicle service.

  • Operations throughout the whole of Spain, leading the Spanish market in private car park development.

  • A range of integrated solutions for customers' problems with mobility and parking, which has led to maximisation of cross selling of different products.

 Car parks

Toll Roads and Carparks division in 2007

Toll Roads and Carparks division in 2007

Enrique Díaz Rato, CEO of Cintra explains the company´s strategy for continued growth.