Main facts

The consolidated results of the Ferrovial Services division in 2007 reflect major growth in all the operational factors. Revenues increased by more than 7% to reach 4.6 billion euro. Backlog increased by 12.7%, to 9,726.4 million euro (these figures do not include the London Underground or the handling business), with growth in all business areas.

The increase in revenues was accompanied by a strong improvement in EBITDA (15%) which confirms the strategy of growth with constant improvement in profitability.

Taking into account the revenues guaranteed by contract and those that are ensured even though they are not contained in the backlog (the main contract for Tube Lines or the landfill sites), the Services division has guaranteed revenues from 2008 of more than 24 billion euro.

Maintenance and upkeep in the United Kingdom

Amey's position in the United Kingdom is consolidated in all its business areas. As a whole, Amey revenues are 1,998 million and account for 43% of revenues in the Services division.

Excluding Tube Lines, which is a concession company with its own dynamics and revenue profile, Amey has increased revenues by 10.2% and has improved its profitability by 30%. In these results, apart from better operation of the contracts, is the company's commercial success, since it closed long-term concession contracts (PFI) for more than 500 million euro in sectors such as education, street lighting and transport infrastructure.

Tube Lines, the London Underground management project, closed a very satisfactory year, exceeding all service levels that it had been assigned at the start of the project.

Maintenance and upkeep in Spain

Infrastructure Maintenance and Upkeep in Spain (MCI) increased revenues by 18.9% and is one of the leaders in the Spanish and Portuguese markets in infrastructure upkeep and facility management. Also margins developed positively with 13.6% growth in EBITDA.

Municipal and waste treatment services

In municipal services, Cespa reached almost 1 billion euro in revenues with an increase of 12.9% compared to last year. EBITDA rose by 17.9%, firstly as a result of an increase in revenues and improved margins in all activities and, secondly, due to the gradual increase in the weight of waste management in the business mix, which has more added value and therefore a higher margin. Since Cespa was acquired by Ferrovial in 2003, the net EBIT margin has increased from 8.9% to 10.3%.

Cespa has started to work with Amey as a technology partner to enter the British waste market, with a very high potential for success. Both companies have so far passed every round in the PFI tender processes for waste treatment for which they presented bids.


In 2007, Swissport started the organisational changes required for integration into Ferrovial Servicios. The company has focused on profitability and has set up a project for controlling costs and improving the contracts in airports that had lower margins. Thus, excluding the impact of the exchange rate, EBITDA increased by 15% and revenues, in spite of the reduction in costs, increased by 10% which show the sector's great potential.

About Amey - Corporate Video

About Amey - Corporate Video

Amey is one of the leading services companies in the UK, specializing in integrated infrastructure maintenance (motorways, railways and the Metro) and facility management