322 kilometres of railway maintained

600,000 street lights maintained

101 metro stations managed

255 trains maintained

608,000 square metres of school facilities managed

1,038,609  meals served

1,400,000  square metres of office space managed


Amey increased its revenues by 3.4% to 1,998 million euro, with EBITDA of 153.7 million euro.

Amey had a backlog increase of 192.1 million euro. Among the most important concession contracts awarded, the following stand out:

  • Road infrastructures: closure of two PFI's, street lighting in Norfolk (155 million euro) and NIDBFO-2 road maintenance in Northern Ireland (140.5 million euro). Also Bedfordshire's contract extension at (35 million euro).

  • Rail Network: Amy was selected by Network Rail, the UK railway infrastructure manager, as one of its three exclusive providers of British railway refurbishment services with an estimated contribution to backlog of 125 million euro.

  • Schools: closure of two PFI's, Clackmannanshire (121 million euro), Scottish Borders (108 million euro) and Dumfries & Galloway (closed in January 2008).

  • The local government backlog increased by 159 million euro through acquisition 80% of Hereford Jarvis Services in July (Herefordshire contract).

  • The consultancy business, strengthened with the purchase of Owen Williams in 2006, continued to grow, completing the integrated service offer.

  • Amey has revolutionized the management of school canteens with the introduction of the first palm scanner which allows instant management of school dinners without the need for cards or money.

About Amey - Corporate Video

About Amey - Corporate Video

Amey is one of the leading services companies in the UK, specializing in integrated infrastructure maintenance (motorways, railways and the Metro) and facility management