Average contract period             10 years 

29.9 million Square metres of green areas maintained

818 Municipalities in which municipal services are provided

6.2 million Inhabitants receiving waste collection services

5.3 million Inhabitants receiving road cleaning services


Cespa increased its revenues by 12.9% to 829.8 million euro, with EBITDA of 159.1 million euro.

Backlog increased by 484 million euro. Amongst other events were:

  • The incorporation of the 291 million euro backlog from the mixed company "Gestión Medioambiental de Toledo (Gesmat)", acquired by Cespa at the end of 2006. Gesmat is a company dedicated to street cleaning, collection, treatment, recovery and controlled elimination of municipal solid waste (RSU) in the province of Toledo. The company manages 197,000 tonnes each year in its facilities.

  • Traditional municipal waste collection, street cleaning and beach cleaning in Javea (38 million euro).

  • Extension of the waste treatment contract in Planalto Beireao in Portugal (59 million euro).

  • The expansion and extension of the Consorcio de Almanzora-Levante municipal solid waste collection, street cleaning and waste treatment in Almeria (159 million euro). The contract duration is 20 years.

  • The extension of the contract for street cleaning, traditional municipal waste collection, Punto Limpio and selective collection in the city of Barcelona (81 million euro).

Cespa: Electricity production from biogas

Cespa: Electricity production from biogas

Seven waste treatment plants belonging to Cespa, a subsidiary of Ferrovial Servicios, generate electrical energy from the gas produced as a byproduct of waste decomposition. This project results in a reduction of CO2 emissions.