Annual Traffic Figures

 Annual Toll Increase

108 Km of urban toll road

99-year concession contract from 1999 to 2098

2.96 billion euro investment

353.7 million euro in net revenues

276.4 million euro of EBITDA


407 ETR Toll Road

  • Alternative route to one of the most congested roads in North America.

  • Fully electronic toll road system without the need for toll barriers (freeflow). Allows very high traffic volumes to be handled without long waiting times.

  • Toll plan: possibility of raising prices freely as long as the traffic is maintained above a certain level. This system allows optimisation of the revenues for the concession company, adjusting the price to the time saving offered by the toll road.

 407 ETR Toll Road

Roadside Assistance Patrol on the 407 ETR

Roadside Assistance Patrol on the 407 ETR

Free roadside assistance is just one of the enhanced safety features of the ETR 407 toll road