Annual Traffic Figures

 Annual Toll Increase

108 Km of urban toll road

99-year concession contract from 1999 to 2098

2.96 billion euro investment

353.7 million euro in net revenues

276.4 million euro of EBITDA


407 ETR Toll Road

  • Alternative route to one of the most congested roads in North America.

  • Fully electronic toll road system without the need for toll barriers (freeflow). Allows very high traffic volumes to be handled without long waiting times.

  • Toll plan: possibility of raising prices freely as long as the traffic is maintained above a certain level. This system allows optimisation of the revenues for the concession company, adjusting the price to the time saving offered by the toll road.

 407 ETR Toll Road

Obtaining a transponder for the 407 ETR

Obtaining a transponder for the 407 ETR

With an automated transponder, regular use of the road becomes a convenient and hassle free experience