Madrid-Sur Toll road 


Madrid Levante Toll Road 



Ausol I Toll Road

 Ausol II Toll Road


Alcalá - O'Donnell Toll Road (M-203)

Located in a highly congested area, especially around Alcalá de Henares. This toll road will substantially improve the access routes from the Henares Corridor to the city centre and south of Madrid. It will create an alternative transversal access to A-2 motorway.

  • 12.3 Km of new build.

  • 30 or 31-year concession contract, from 2005 to 2035 or 2036 depending on road safety.

  • 69.5 million euro investment.

Autema Toll Road

Cintra has an agreement contract with the Catalan Regional Government through which, in exchange for a substantial price reduction, the latter pays each year the difference between the actual revenues and those forecast in the Financial Plan in force at the time, plus an adjustment for higher operating expenses due to the increase in traffic caused by the price reduction

  • 50-year concession contract from 1986 to 2036.

  • 228.6 million euro investment.

Ausol I Toll Road

Toll road located in one of the corridors with the highest population growth in Spain.

  • 82.7 Km between Malaga and Estepona.

  • 50-year concession contract from 1996 to 2046.

  • 474.3 million euro investment.

Ausol II Toll Road

Toll road located in one of the corridors with the highest population growth in Spain.

  • 22.5 Km between Estepona and Guadiaro.
  • 55-year concession contract from 1999 to 2054.

  • 199.4 million euro investment.

Madrid-Sur Toll Road (R4 Madrid Ocaña)

Alternative access route to Madrid in a highly congested corridor.

  • 97.2 Km concession contract between Madrid and the N-IV in Ocaña.

  • 65-year concession contract from 2000 to 2065.

  • 687.4 million euro investment.

Madrid- Levante Toll Road (Ocaña-La Roda)

Route between Madrid and the east coast that offers an alternative to the Nacional III in a corridor with high traffic levels and congestion problems.

  • 182.8 Km between Ocaña and La Roda. 36 or 40-year concession contract from 2004 to 2040 or 2044 if certain service quality parameters are met.

  • 512.3 million euro investment.

Trados 45 Toll Road (M-45)

The traffic risk is limited due to the system of bands used in shadow tolls. At present, the toll road has traffic levels that are nearing the threshold at which every year the concession company obtains maximum revenues.

  • 14.5 Km of shadow toll road.

  • 31-year concession contract from 1998 to 2029.

  • 196.5 million euro investment.