Business performance in 2007

Key aggregates

The full-year inclusion of BAA for the first time (2006 included only six months of business, as from 1 July 2006) has led to major growth in the Group's key aggregates: net turnover is up 18.4%, at 14,630 million euro, and EBITDA is up 31.0% at 3,044 million euro.   

The 2007 income statement includes various Provisions related to: the stock option award plan (126 million euro), the debt in relation to Habitat (35 million euro) and the BAA restructuring plan (107 million euro).

The capital gains generated by the sale of the stakes in Sydney and Budapest airports and the minority interests in six Australian airports, and the reduction in the BAA tax rate, have pushed Net income up to 734 million euro.

All information is given in million euro.

 Financial Figures

 Operating Figures

1000 Images, one word: Ferrovial

1000 Images, one word: Ferrovial

Ferrovial is one of the leading infrastructure groups in the world employing 100,000 people in 43 counties worldwide. The company’s investment strategy is focused on 4 main business areas: construction, airports, toll roads and car parking, and services.