Share performance, treasury stock and major shareholders

The IBEX ended 2007 up 7.3%, at 15,182.3 points, making this the fifth consecutive in which it has recorded a gain. The Spanish index was among those which performed best in 2007, although it was far behind the German Dax index, which recorded a gain of over 22%.

The Spanish stock market did not report generalized gains, the gain in the Ibex-35 being driven by the companies with the highest levels of capitalization. The Ibex Medium Cap and Ibex Small Cap, by contrast, fell by -10.4% and -5.4% respectively, ending the year in the red for the first time since 2002.

The year was marked by the financial crisis which erupted in August and spurred a liquidity crisis which brought with it a significant increase in volatility.

The sectors hardest hit by this crisis were the real estate, construction and banking sectors. On a more positive note, however, mention is to be made of the gains reported by companies with exposure to renewable energies.

From the macroeconomic perspective, the year was marked by the strength of the euro vis-à-vis the dollar and the historic highs reached by oil prices. In terms of interest rates, following six months in which rates in the United States remained stable, there were three cuts as from July which reduced the price of money from 5.25% to 4.25%. In Europe, and following three consecutive increases in the first half of the year, the liquidity crisis dissuaded the CEB from making further increases.

Ferrovial ended 2007 at 48.12 with a 34.9% fall in its share price. Its share price performed well in the first five months of the year, in line with market trends, and reached a record high in April at 82.95 euro. Its price began to fall steadily in the Summer, coinciding with the onset of the credit crisis. In December, and amid particular uncertainty in financial markets, the decline became sharper (-17.8%, the biggest monthly fall since stock market floatation).

  Performance by Ferrovial, Ibex-35 and the Sector Index

Share price performance and tradinf volume 2007 

 Performance by Ferrovial, Ibex-35 and the Sector Index in 2007

 Average daily trading volume in million euro

Historic data Ferrovial 


As can be seen from the following graph, the amount of dividends distributed by the Group has increased considerably since Grupo Ferrovial's Stock Market floatation in 1999.

Dividend per share 

Treasury stock

The situation with respect to treasury stock at 31 December is as follows:

 Treasury stock

During 2007, 611,094 treasury stock shares have been bought and 444,277 have been sold, the net balance for the year being 166,817 treasury stock shares bought, generating an increase in reserves of 853,531 euro.

Body of shareholders

(*)Fuente: IR Channel andCNMV - January 2008- Thousand share

Body of shareholders  

Indices in which Ferrovial is included:

  • IGBM
  • Madrid Stock Exchange Construction index

  • IBEX-35

  • IBEX Industrial y Varios

  • Bloomberg European 500

  • Bloomberg European 500 Construction and Engineering

  • Bloomberg Eruopean Industrials Index

  • DJ Euro Stoxx Price Index

  • DJ Euro Stoxx Construction

  • DJ Stoxx 600

  • DJ Stoxx Construction

  • Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI)

  • FTSE Eurotop 300

  • S&P 350

  • DJ Euro Stoxx Construction

  • DJ Stoxx 600

Corporate Social Responsibility Indices

  • DJSI - Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

  • DJSI - Dow Jones Sustainability Stoxx Index

  • FTSE4Good Europe Index

  • FTSE4Good Global Index

  • Ethibel

  • ASPI Eurozone