Information on the Audit and Control Committee

Composition and functions

All the members of the Audit and Control Committee are External Directors, the Chairman being an Independent Director, in accordance with the Board of Directors' Regulations. There have been no changes in the composition of this committee during 2007.

The members of the Committee are the following:

  • Mr. Gabriele Burgio. Chairman
  • Mr. Santiago Eguidazu Mayor
  • Portman Baela S.L. ., represented by Mr. Eduardo Trueba Cortés
  • Mr. Juan Arena de la Mora

The powers of the committee have been reviewed as a result of the approval on 23 February 2007 of new Board of Directors' Regulations adapted to the recommendations of the Unified Code of Best Practice in Corporate Governance, which the company has decided to implement. Its main powers now relate to external auditors, internal audit management, financial information, corporate governance and the compliance regime, and risks control. Others have also now been added, such as responsibility for the internal mechanism for the communication of inefficient or improper situations (the "suggestions box"), or reporting prior to the approval of operations in special purpose entities, in the terms established in the Regulations.

The Annual Corporate Governance Report provides a detailed description of these powers.

The Committee met six times during 2007.

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1000 Images, one word: Ferrovial

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