Notes to the consolidated financial statements

Goodwill and acquisitions

Movements in this caption by segment in 2007 and 2006 are as follows:

 Movements in this caption by segment in 2007 and 2006

The main movement during the year relates to the write-off of BAA's goodwill in respect of amounts allocated to assets sold during the year, as explained in Note 28 (Budapest Airport: 101 million euro; minority shareholdings in Australian airports: 282 million euro) and amounts allocated to assets held for sale (Word Duty Free: 417 million euro).

The main addition, as described in Note 1.1, relates to the acquisition in December 2007 of a 3% shareholding in Cintra, S.A., generating an increase of 147 million euro in goodwill in the Toll Roads and Car Parks Division.

The segments presented in the above table are all cash-generating units with the exception of BAA, which has the following cash-generating units:

 BAA cash generated units

 Movements during 2006

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