Notes to the consolidated financial statements

Other provisions

Other provisions

Set out below is an analysis of other non-current and current provisions:

Other non-current and current provisions

Provision for landfills

This item contains the estimated cost of landfill closure and post-closure activities relating to the Cespa Group. The provision is calculated based on a technical estimation of the consumption of the total capacity of landfills. At 31 December 2007, a provision of 8 million euro is recognised.

Other provisions 

The main balances in other provisions relate to the Construction Division, comprising provisions for project completion totalling 354 million euro, and to the Airports Division, specifically the BAA Group, amounting to 129 million euro.

The main movements in the BAA Group's provisions relate to a net appropriation of 77 million euro in connection with the organisational restructuring and simplification plan implemented by this Group.