Notes to the consolidated financial statements

Other profit and loss

Results recognised in 2007

  •  The main movement in other profit and loss relates to the gain of 475 million euro on the sale of Sydney Airport, the same amount having been recognised in net income.

  • Sale of BAA Group subsidiaries, specifically the sale of Budapest Airport, generating a profit of 174 million euro (106 million euro recognised in net income), and the sale of minority interests in Australian airports, for a gain of 158 million euro (20 million euro recognised in net income).

  • As regards Promociones Hábitat S.A., in addition to the loss of 125 million euro recognised in the item "Share of results of equity-consolidated companies", a provision of 35 million euro has been made in other profit and loss for the unprovisioned portion of the 250 million euro loan, as well as possible contingencies relating to guarantees granted under the Ferrovial Inmobiliaria S.A. purchase and sale contract.

Results recognised in 2006

  • Sale by Cintra, S.A. of its entire holding in Europistas C.E.S.A. (32.48%), generating a consolidated gain of 200 million euro.

  • Sale of the interest in Bristol airport: In December 2006, Macquarie Airports exercised its purchase option on Ferrovial Aeropuertos' 50% interest in Bristol airport under the agreement concluded with Ferrovial Infraestructuras on 29 March 2006, generating a gain of 221 million euro.