Analysis of income

Analysis of income

Income statement

Note: Owing to the sale of Ferrovial Inmobiliaria on 28 December 2006, and in accordance with International Accounting Standards, this activity is now classed as a Discontinued operation. Accordingly, the consolidated annual accounts of Ferrovial for 2006 include this Business unit taking into consideration only its contribution to Net profit. All other figures in the income statement take into account only the operations in Poland.

Net revenues 


Revenues are up 18.4%.


The growth in turnover may be attributed primarily to:

The full-year inclusion of BAA, which contributes 3,822.4 million euro as compared with 1,979.7 in 2006 (6 months).

The growth in Services (+7.4%).

The +15.8% growth of the Toll roads and car parks business, owing both to the changes in the scope of the consolidation (77.8 million euro) and organic growth.

The contributions of the various business lines to Revenues, in percentage terms, have been as follows:


The geographical breakdown of revenues is as follows:

 Geographical breakdown of revenues

International revenues have exceeded national revenues, accounting for 64%. International revenues have grown by 28.8% due to the inclusion in the scope of the consolidation of BAA and the following toll roads: ITR, the Chilean Talca-Chillán and Bosque toll roads, and Norte Litoral in Portugal.

1000 Images, one word: Ferrovial

1000 Images, one word: Ferrovial

Ferrovial is one of the leading infrastructure groups in the world employing 100,000 people in 43 counties worldwide. The company’s investment strategy is focused on 4 main business areas: construction, airports, toll roads and car parking, and services.

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