Dissemination of information about the Company

Action taken by the Board of Directors

In accordance with the Board Regulations, the Board of Directors has adopted the necessary measures for making information about the Company known to the shareholders, investors and the market in general, using the most efficient means available, so that the information is transmitted equally, immediately and without hindrance to the recipients.

Besides this, another of the Board's functions is to establish appropriate regular information exchange mechanisms with institutional investors which, in accordance with the Board Regulations, must not have access to information that might place them in a privileged situation or give them an advantage over other shareholders.

Regulation of price-sensitive information

On the other hand, the Internal Code of Conduct of Grupo Ferrovial, S.A. establishes the obligation to notify the CNMV of price-sensitive information (as defined in the Securities Market Law) before disseminating it via any other means and immediately after the circumstances making such notification compulsory have arisen.

Whenever possible, price-sensitive information is notified when the market is closed in order to avoid distortions in trading.

It is the task of the Chairman, CEO, Board Secretary, Chief Financial Officer and Communications Manager to confirm or deny public information about circumstances considered to be Price-sensitive Information.

Internal procedure for controlling information relating to significant transactions

In order to comply with the obligations established in section 83 Bis of the Securities Market Law, brought in by Law 44/2002, dated 22 November, on measures for reforming the financial system, the Company established an internal procedure for the control measures that must be implemented in the unit responsible for managing significant transactions in coordination with the Company's Secretariat. These measures refer to limits on access to information, book-keeping, rules on filing, reproduction and distribution of information, and share price monitoring, among others.