Relations with Spanish subsidiaries whose stocks are listed on the securities markets

The stocks of Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte, S.A. (henceforth, Cintra), a subsidiary that is partly controlled indirectly by Grupo Ferrovial, S.A., are listed on the Spanish securities markets.

On the occasion of its going public in 2004, Grupo Ferrovial, S.A. and Ferrovial Agromán, S.A. (a subsidiary that operates in the construction business), on the one hand, and Cintra, on the other, signed and made public a Framework Agreement with the aim of regulating the relations between Grupo Ferrovial and its dependent companies, on the one hand, and Cintra and its dependent companies, on the other, in relation to the following two matters:

  • Development of highway transport infrastructure and car park projects.

    In this respect, the Framework Agreement regulates the tasks and obligations of Cintra and the Grupo Ferrovial companies in relation to any tendering for the award of construction and operation, maintenance and/or operation of highway transport infrastructures and car parks. In connection with these projects, generally speaking and with certain exceptions, Cintra will deal with their operation and the Grupo Ferrovial companies with their construction.

  • Provision of intra-group services.

    The Framework Agreement also establishes the general regulation applicable to the services provided by Grupo Ferrovial companies to Cintra, and viceversa.

As regards both matters, the Framework Agreement plans that Cintra's Related-party Transactions Committee should perform certain supervisory and informative functions, paying special attention to matters relating to Cintra's corporate governance and the prevention of conflicts of interest. The above-mentioned Related-party Transactions Committee is responsible, in particular, for supervising compliance with the Framework Agreement.