Shareholders' Meetings in 2007

In 2007, the Board of Directors convened one Shareholders' Meeting, which was held on 30 March 2007.


The Shareholders' Meeting held on 30 March 2007 was attended by 70.28% of the share capital, with 60.06% present and the remaining 10.22% by proxy.

Resolutions adopted

Included among the items put to the vote, besides those relating to approval of the individual and consolidated financial statement, distribution of the results and approval of corporate management, were the re-appointment of directors and auditors; modification of the Articles of Association and the Shareholders' Meeting Regulations in order to include the UCGG recommendations adopted by the Company into their text; approval of a remuneration system applicable to Executive Directors and Senior Management, consisting of the payment of part of their variable remuneration through the delivery of Company shares; and  authorization for direct or indirect acquisition of own shares.

All the proposed resolutions submitted by the Board of Directors were approved.

The full text of the resolutions and voting results are available on Ferrovial's website.