Report on Remuneration paid to the Board of Directors

Other information of interest

External consultancy

In forming the remunerative structure of the management team, the Executive Directors among them, the Company has sought external advice and consultancy whenever this has been necessary for analysing formulas or schemes that make the remuneration of Ferrovial's senior management appropriate, the aim being always to attract and retain talent.

On the other hand, the Company uses reports drawn up by external consultants for making comparisons with outside firms with a similar size and structure, and for guaranteeing that the remuneration offered by Ferrovial is competitive.

Reference to the Annual Corporate Governance Report and the Company Report

The Annual Corporate Governance Report and the Company Report also include information on remuneration matters.

This is the Report that the Board of Directors of Grupo Ferrovial, S.A. draws up in compliance with article 34 of the Board of Directors Regulations, which will be made available to the Company shareholders together with the other documentation and information that will be provided when the next Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting is held.