Remuneration of Senior Management

The Senior Management of the Company who report immediately to the Chairman or the Chief Executive Officer jointly accrued the following remuneration during the 2007 business year:

Remuneration of Senior Management 

During 2007, the Company did not grant loans to any Senior Managers and repayments to the value of 222,000 euros were made. The balance of these loans at 31 December 2007 amounted to 265,000 euros.

The above-mentioned remunerations correspond to the persons holding the following positions:

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • General Manager of Human Resources

  • General Manager of Construction

  • Co-Chief Executive Officer

  • General Manager of Services, although the person holding this post changed in May 2007

  • General Manager of Airports, a position created in May 2007

  • Audit Manager

  • Quality and Environment Manager

  • Communications Manager

  • Information Systems Manager, since May 2007

  • Market Studies and Analysis Manager, since July 2007

Remuneration for Senior Managers who are also Executive Directors is not included since it is indicated above.