Significant shareholders

Individualized details of the most significant transactions carried out during 2007 with significant shareholders, with members of the "controlling family group" (except those members who are also Company Directors, whose information is stated in the following section) or with entities that have a shareholding link with persons forming part of that "controlling family group", are shown in the section on the Company's Ownership Structure:

The most significant transactions carried out during 2007 

(*) Profit or loss is not stated because this corresponds to the provider.

Besides the individualized operations stated above, there were two minor transactions with significant shareholders, which consisted of carrying out minor alterations or repairs and maintenance services at homes or headquarters, of a non-material amount and duration, and always under market conditions, the aggregate amount of which was 15,000 euros and which generated an overall profit of 10 euros. In 2006, these transactions amounted to 43,000 euros and generated a total profit of 1,300 euros.