Transactions with Directors and Senior Management

The transactions carried out in 2007 with Directors and Senior Management of the company are listed in the table below. Also, the transactions with Banesto, NH Hoteles, Bankinter, Ericsson, Lafarge Asland, Asea Brown Bovery and Aviva are disclosed in accordance with section 2 of Order EHA/3050/2004, since certain Directors are, or have been at some time during 2007, members of the Board of Directors of the companies stated:

Transactions with Directors and Senior Management 

(#) Corresponds to advance payments that do not generate any result.

(*) Profit or loss is not stated because this corresponds to the provider.

 (´) The full amount of the transaction is considered to be a profit in these types of item (paid commission and interest).

In addition to the above transactions, nine transactions with Directors and Senior Managers, directly or through linked parties, were recorded in 2007 for a joint total of 108,000 euros, for the receipt and/or carrying out of minor works on houses or head offices; the provision of facility assembly, repair, maintenance services and the provision of waste product collection services, all of which were for an insignificant duration and amount and carried out under market conditions. These transactions generated a total profit of 21,000 euros. In 2006, transactions of this type amounted to 66,000 euros and yielded a profit of 2,000 euros.

Information about remunerations and loan transactions carried out with Directors and Senior Management is shown in the heading on "Directors' and Senior Managers' remuneration".