Environmental management systems

The business areas have implemented environmental management systems that comply with at least the ISO 14001 standard, these systems having been certified by accredited bodies. The Toll Roads and Car Parks area has implemented the system, which will be certified early in 2008. At production centres, these systems are adapted to the site via an environmental management plan that envisages the systematic planning and control of the processes that involve environmental risk, the applicable legal requirements, and the establishment of quantified objectives for improving the production site's environmental performance.

Likewise, activities are subjected to a continuous system of environmental assessment and audit of processes, applicable environmental practices and the level of compliance with legislation. This monitoring is the responsibility of an independent technical department of the production line.

Ferrovial has an innovative environmental risk control and monitoring tool called EPI (environmental performance index), which has been validated by a government-sponsored research centre (King Juan Carlos University in Madrid) and recognized by UNESCO's Environmental Chair. The EPI has been implemented and validated in the Construction and Services areas. Therefore, all the activities with the highest environmental risk have an environmental performance indicator throughout the process and the results are reported periodically to the Management Committee and the Audit and Control Committee.

An environmental risk analysis and management procedure, based on the continuous monitoring of business activities, with special emphasis on the industrial facilities that are subject to the liability system mentioned earlier, was introduced in the Services area during 2007. The procedures for assessment of environmental risks and their subsequent management are based on the UNE 150008 standard.

Lastly, and as mentioned earlier, in order to ensure adequate knowledge regarding prevailing regulations on the matter, in 2005 Ferrovial developed an on-line information system (SIGMA) that can be consulted via the corporate intranet, which summarizes the legal requirements in environmental matters for all the production centres in a detailed, simple way and is constantly updated.