Risk Cover Systems

The Ferrovial corporate policy is to arrange insurance for all the business areas through the Corporate Insurance Unit (organically and functionally, this department is situated in the global risk management area), in order to take advantage of the risk profile of the group through technical and economic optimization of the insurance policies subscribed by Grupo Ferrovial.

Company policy requires that, in general, insurance cover be arranged for damage to own goods and infrastructure built by group companies, and for third-party liability.

Under this common policy, risks that can be transferred totally or partially via insurance policies are monitored continually, since the company analyses and reviews cover, indemnity caps, exclusions and premium costs.

The process of optimizing the covers and premiums of the policies subscribed in the different programmes in the international sphere continued throughout 2007, taking advantage of the volume and variety of the exposure to risk of all the businesses and activities, particularly Services, Toll Roads and Car Parks, and Airports.