Remuneration of Executive Directors

General criteria

The remuneration of Directors who hold executive functions falls within the policy established for Senior Management as a whole, founded on the following criteria:

  • Breakdown of remuneration into fixed and variable components.

  • Linking of the variable part to the achievement of targets, making a distinction between business or combined business/corporate targets.

  • Encouragement of loyalty, permanence and alignment with the objectives of the Company through:

    • Periodic participation in share-linked plans (stock options), at a cost to the beneficiary and without the implementation of these plans carrying with it shareholder dilution.

    • Recognition, in certain cases, of a deferred remunerative concept

  • No use of protection or guaranteed remuneration clauses for cases of dismissal or a change in the Company's control, with the exception of pre-existing pacts in the event of new companies joining Ferrovial.

  • No use of remunerative mechanisms based on the assumption of pension commitments by the Company.

Remuneration amounts 

The remuneration, configured in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria, accrued by the three Executive Directors, in addition to the per diem and statutory duty allowances to which they are entitled as Directors, were as follows in 2007:

Remuneration amounts