Other Codes

  • The BAA Code of Ethics is a guideline that encourages all employees and stakeholders to work in a way that is honest, responsible and respectful, generating trust. The Code is supplemented by other policies, prominent among which are a professional code of conduct, supplier code of conduct and whistle-blowing policy to protect employees from abusive workplace environments. All these policies are published on the Intranet. This presentation takes the shape of a DVD entitled "How we do business".
  • The Swissport Business Code of Conduct and Ethics outlines its main policy for conducting business with the highest standards of integrity and in accordance with the standards and regulations applicable in each country. The Code applies to all employees and company businesses as well as subsidiaries.

Code of Business Ethics

Ferrovial's Code of Business Ethics establishes the basic principles of corporate ethics with which all Ferrovial Group companies, employees and executives must comply. The code also binds all other companies and organisations linked to Ferrovial and any company controlled by Ferrovial in any other manner.

Principles of Conduct:

  • Respect for the law: Ferrovial's business and professional activities shall strictly comply with the law in force in each country where they are performed.

  • Ethical integrity: the business and professional activities of Ferrovial and its employees shall be based on the value of integrity and shall be developed in accordance with the principles of honesty, avoidance of all forms of corruption and respect for the particular circumstances and needs of all the parties involved.

  • Respect for Human Rights: all the actions of Ferrovial and its employees shall scrupulously respect the Human Rights and Public Liberties enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Any employee who has a founded suspicion or knowledge of a breach of the Code can report it through an internal channel that guarantees anonymity and leads to an investigation by the Company's Internal Audit Department.

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