• Health and safety in the workplace. Ferrovial shall provide its employees with a safe and stable environment and undertakes to constantly update occupational safety measures and scrupulously respect the applicable regulations wherever it operates. All employees are responsible for rigorously complying with health and safety regulations. They shall also make responsible use of the equipment assigned to them when they perform risk activities, disclose their knowledge to colleagues and subordinates and foster compliance with safety practices. (CEE).  

    • Occupational safety management handbook.
  • Fostering a balance between personal and professional life. Ferrovial shall foster a balance between the personal and professional lives of its employees. Ferrovial values the benefits for employees and the company of a balance between the professional and personal responsibilities of its employees, so it shall promote measures to reconcile both.

    • The Ferrovial Group's Work-Life Balance Plan (2006)
  • Equal opportunities. All employees shall enjoy equal opportunities regarding their professional career development. Ferrovial undertakes to establish an effective equal opportunities policy so that its employees' careers develop on the basis of merit. Promotion decisions shall always be based on objective circumstances and assessments. Ferrovial also undertakes to maintain an investment policy in personal and professional training and education for its employees. Ferrovial's employees shall respect the equal opportunities policy in their professional environment and shall support personal and professional training of their colleagues. (CEE 4.3.)

    • Performance evaluation regulations

    • Job centre regulations

  • Respectful treatment and non-discrimination. Ferrovial assumes the responsibility of maintaining a work environment free from all types of discrimination and from any form of personal harassment. All employees must be treated fairly and with respect by their superiors, subordinates and colleagues. Conduct, whether verbal or physical, that is improper, hostile or offensive shall not be tolerated. (CEE).

    • Job centre regulations on Ferronet (2005)

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