Indexes and Rankings in 2007

(Primary indexes and rankings in which Ferrovial has figured in 2007)

  • Ferrovial has become the largest private infrastructure company in the world, in terms of capital invested, according to Public Works Financing (PWF). This jump in the rankings has also been aided by the acquisition of BAA in 2006. Cintra occupies the second spot in the list in terms of the number of concessions in operation or the construction phase. (30/10/2007).

  • Fortune-500. Ferrovial has entered into the index of the 500 largest companies in the world, in terms of sales, occupying the 441st position.

  • "Global 2000 list 2007" compiled by Forbes. The list groups together the 2000 most important companies worldwide, that define and contribute to the global economy.

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Ferrovial forms part of the Silver Class of the construction sector, and has been listed on this index for six consecutive years.

  • Business Week Innovest Strategic Value Advisory ranks Ferrovial as one of the 100 most sustainable large companies in the world.

  • Top Ten Reputation in Spain. For the first time, Ferrovial lies among the top ten Spanish companies, in terms of reputation, according to the MERCO index (Spanish Corporate Reputation Monitor).