Products and services

Products and services

Ferrovial provides services to more that 1billion customers in its airports, highways and other transport infrastructure. The real challenge is to achieve this whilst maintaining maximum quality, security and constant innovation.

Action lines

The material issues related to products for Ferrovial and its stakeholders revolve around two major challenges:

  • Offering quality products and services.

  • Enhancing mobility through safe infrastructures.

To achieve this, Ferrovial concentrates its efforts on:

  • Promoting innovative projects, scientific research and development as the pillars of competitive success and the creation of differential value in the market.

Objectives for 2008

  • Heathrow Terminal 5 Opening. Begining of works at Heathorw East Terminal. In 2012, 80% of passengers traveling through Heathrow will use new infrastructures.

  • Extend the commitment 95/5 in queues at all BAA British airports.

  • To obtain certification for Cadagua's Quality, Environment and RDI systems to the UNE 166002 standards.

  • To create a coordinated and best practices RDI workgroup at all RDI departments in Ferrovial companies.

Milestones in 2007

  • Shorter queues at security controls in BAA airports: wait times fell to 5 minutes 95% of the time. Security staff has been increased 70% and 35% increased in room for additional security arches.

  • Improvement in all airport handling quality indexes. Swissport received the 2007 Global Aviation Ground Services Company Award for the quality of its services.

  • Extension of the commitments acquired in the Quality Policy to the Construction division, including suppliers and subcontractors.

  • 35.8 million euros of investment in RDI projects, 1.7% of the Gross Operation Result.