BAA Volunteers (United Kingdom)

Ferrovial has destinated 16.7 million euro in 456 community and development projects. The investment made in community projects has directly benefited more than 330,000 people and 2,400 employees from Ferrovial have participated somehow.

Action lines 

  • Plan investment in the Community as an instrument for development of societies in the areas in which Ferrovial operates.

  • Collaborate with governments, NGOs and other social partners in projects and activities related to social development, environmental protection and occupational safety.

  • Adhere to the UN Global Compact principles in all Ferrovial activities.

  • Assume leadership as a global company in the problems facing the Planet: poverty, climate change or biodiversity loss.

Objectives for 2008

  • Development of a program to implement the level of compliance with the Global Compact principles in all activities and countries where Ferrovial has operations.

  • Promotion of corporate volunteer body.

  • Starting of a corporate program on social integration specially oriented to immigrants, handicaps and elderly people.

  • A development project in Tanzania following the Millenium Development Goals

Milestones in 2007

  • Approval of the new strategic plan "From responsibility to commitment".

  • Implementation of LBG methodology to measure the social impact of Community investment projects.

  • Visit to Tanzania by a delegation from Ferrovial to prepare the cooperation project "Water is life", following the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). At the summit of leaders of the United Nations Global Compact in Geneva, Ferrovial presented its model for action in developing countries, in accordance with the MDGs.

Letter Translation, Solidarity Day

Letter Translation, Solidarity Day

Towards the end of 2007, more than 250 volunteers from across Ferrovial’s business areas organised a ‘Translation Solidarity Day’. It was carried out with the help of NGO Plan España, managing to translate more than 3000 letters, which will be delivered to their Spanish corresponding sponsors.