Dialogue with Stakeholders

Dialogue with Stakeholders

Dialogue with stakeholders is a fundamental tool for ascertaining the demands of the competitive environment, anticipating risks and benefiting continuously from new business opportunities.

Action lines

  • Ongoing improvement in communication channels with all stakeholders based on innovative corporate information that also includes variables related to social and environmental behaviour as well as financial aspects.

  • Information for all stakeholders on the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility and fostering employee participation in solidary projects.

  • Encouraging suppliers and subcontractors to progressively incorporate principles coherent with the corporate responsibility policy.

  • Maintaining and bolster our customers' trust, attempting to surpass their expectations of quality in our works and services.

Objectives for 2008

  • To create a Main Ferrovial Stakeholders (MFS) channel to reinforce the dialogue with Ferrovial's 6,000 main stakeholders.

  • Extension of the workplace environment survey to 12,500 employees at most Ferrovial subsidiaries in the first fourth-month period of 2008.

  • To communicate all the financial results and perspectives for year 2008 to all Ferrovial's employees through a video in the Intranet.

Milestones in 2007

  • Transparency. Application of the principles of the AA1000AS AccountAbility Standard to the Corporate Responsibility Report. The implementation of a  Corporate Responsibility Information System within the group that enables clear, reliable, regular, comparable and accurate information to be collected and reported.

  • Dialogue. Holding of the first Stakeholders Forum to analyze the contents of the Corporate Responsibility Report.

  • Accessibility. Launch of the website version of the annual report in both Spanish and English. The microsite offers the possibility to blind people for reading its contents.

Luis Jiménez, Director of the Sustainability Institute

Luis Jiménez, Director of the Sustainability Institute

Luis Jiménez Herrero, Director of the Sustainability Institute, talks about the challenges and opportunities offered by working in a sustainable fashion.