Report Profile

Report structure

For the seventh consecutive year, Ferrovial is adding a Corporate Social Responsibility Report to its Annual and Good Governance Reports. This presentation model is endorsed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines, the criteria on which the content in Ferrovial's Corporate Responsibility Report is based. The decision not to draft a separate Sustainability or Corporate Responsibility Report responds to the strategy of sharing the commitment to sustainable and responsible development in the economic and financial spheres - the companies' most traditional aspects - with commitments acquired in the social and environmental areas.

This report is structured into three differentiated sections:

  1. The Introduction, which covers aspects related to the report's profile, reporting principles, scope and verification.

  2. The Our Vision section, which enumerates the main policies and risks involved Ferrovial's corporate responsibility activities. The process of identifying stakeholders and channels of dialogue is addressed so that expectations can be ascertained. Ferrovial's material issues are the result of the synthesis between the Company vision and stakeholder demands.

  3. The following sections report on the objectives and progress achieved in each of the material issues mentioned above, following the Business in the Community model to reflect our commitment to the market (products and services), employees, the environment and the community (social investment).

The presentation of this report together with the company's Annual Report enables advancement in aspects related to business developments (the first part of the report), value creation and good corporate governance policies.