Corporate Responsibility Management

Corporate Responsibility Management

Ferrovial's Corporate Responsibility Department has been a part of its Corporate Communication Department and is responsible for devising and executing the Strategic Corporate Responsibility Plan and managing the corporate dialogue program with stakeholders, as well as drafting the external Corporate Responsibility Report.

Action lines

  • Implementation of the Global Compact in all business areas of Ferrovial.

  • Transparency and dialogue with the stakeholders.

  • Investment in the community.

  • The fight against climate change.

  • Commitment to the health of the planet through implementation of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

  • Employee participation in fulfilling the social commitments of the company.

In the development of these action programmes, various departments take part directly: Human Resources, Quality and Environment, General Secretariat, Internal Audit and Communication, amongst others.

The participation of these departments is carried out through a workgroup composed of the corporate directors.

Objectives for 2008

  • To obtain SGE-21 corporate responsibility management certification.

  • Incorporation of the directors of Corporate Responsibility in the subsidiary companies into the corporate workgroups relating to this theme.

  • To develop a common vision of corporate responsibility among all subsidiaries respecting the particularities of each type of activity.        

  • To devise a materiality test for the toll road and car park area.

Milestones in 2007

  • Ferrovial's new Corporate Responsibility policy depends on the Board of Directors which approves the action criteria on this issue.
  • For the management and measurement of Corporate Responsibility, the beginnings of an information system have been implemented that includes data on 300 different indicators relating to the company's current state, recognition and management principles.

  • The start of the process to obtain SGE-21 certification of Corporate Responsibility Management. A technical expert has been trained to take part in management teams and internal audit, for the evaluation of the implementation of the management system, and to deliver training to other professionals within the company.

Cristina Narbona, Spanish ex-Minister for the Environment

Cristina Narbona, Spanish ex-Minister for the Environment

Cristina Narbona, ex-Minister for the Environment, talks about the the commitment of companies such as Ferrovial to developing new technologies and systems that reduce the environmental impact.