Environmental management

At Ferrovial, environmental management systems are designed and introduced as an effective instrument for measuring, controlling and managing the environmental risks associated with a lot of its businesses, mainly construction and services which, in 2007 represented 66% of total group revenues. Continuous assessment of environmental issues and the development of the objectives that are established are reported at executive levels in the organisation so that environmental management does not constitute an additional element in the day-to-day management of the company but becomes another factor in decision-making.

45.63% of the Group's annual revenues are certified. This figure is lower than the figure in the information published in 2006 (61%) and it is a result of the impact of the consolidation of BAA. By business area, the following certifications have been achieved:

  • Construction: the entire construction business (including the 812 Ferrovial Agromán, Budimex and Cadagua centres) is ISO 14001 certified. In Cadagua the management system has been introduced in 81% of the production centres in operation in 2007. It also has accreditation that the electromechanical materials that it plans to install, which have been put out to tender, are reusable or more than 50% recyclable for all its ongoing projects. It is therefore estimated that 25% of the material used in it projects is recyclable.

  • Airports: the airport business has environmental certificates in three of its centres: Stansted, WDF and Heathrow Express.

  • Toll roads and car parks: the Spanish and Portuguese toll roads and the car parks are in the process of certification with the UNE-EN- ISO 14001:2004 standard. This certification is expected to be obtained during the first quarter of 2008. Cintra already has this certificate for environmental management of its central offices.

  • Services: The main companies have a high percentage of their business ISO 14001 certified, and in some cases, like Amey, this has reached 100%. In handling services, Swissport has its operations in Lima airport certified and it is preparing certification for the two airports that it operates in Tanzania.

    Cespa has obtained its first two EMAS registration certificates. This certificate represents a further step in the company's environmental commitment and transparency with respect to the ISO 14001:2004 standard. The certificates cover the following centres and operations:

    • CESPA, S.A. Vic (Barcelona): Street Cleaning Service, Selective Waste Collection and Punto Limpio in Vic.

    • CESPA CONTEN, S.A. Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz): Packaging Selection Plant, Selective Waste Collection and y Transport of Non-Hazardous Waste, Transfer of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste.

Last year, the company introduced the Community Environmental Management and Audit System (EMAS) in four work centres: Vic (Barcelona), Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz), Zalla (Vizcaya) and Parque Juan Carlos I (Madrid).