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Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box, a tool for channelling employees' ideas, suggestions and complaints, has been available on Ferronet in Spain and Portugal since 2004.

Suggestion box: The Suggestion Box available on the corporate intranet, which allows messages to be sent anonymously if desired, received 110 messages: 37 from the construction area, 6 from services, 3 from toll roads and car parks, 8 from the corporate area and 55 from anonymous areas. A breakdown of the messages showed:

  • 30 complaints

  • 29 suggestions or inquiries


Of all the messages received, 61 were not admitted, 26 did not require any action and 22 were admitted. 9 were being processed as this report went to print.


Their expectations:

  • Safe, flexible, quality employment.

  • Professional development in a prestigious company.

Ferrovial's communication policy with its employees is based on an unfailing respect for privacy and confidentiality of information. The Company undertakes to request and use only the employee data needed for efficient business management or required by the applicable legislation. Ferrovial employees are required to make discreet, professional use of the company information to which they have access in the performance of their activities and inform their hierarchical superior of any situation in which a conflict of interest arises.

Communications are a cornerstone in achieving fluid relations with employees and therefore, Ferrovial has several internal communication channels, including:

  • Ferronet, the corporate intranet, which is the main internal communication channel with employees, together with specific channels in the different business areas: Canal Corporación, Construnet, Cinnet, Servinet, Budinet, Cadanet, Cespanet and Amey's and BAA's intranets. At present, 7,025 employees have access to the corporate intranet, which also provides the work tools needed by the workforce. Several spaces of interest on Ferronet are listed below:

    • News summaries and press releases posted in English and Spanish that report all organisational changes and relevant corporate operations in real time. A total of 210 news articles and 62 circulars were published in 2007.

    • Multimedia channels, such as My Media y Conocer +, which provide information on Group activities and publish reports on a wide range of subjects.

    • Information on the stock exchange, foreign currencies and interest rates, which allows employees to keep abreast of developments in national and international markets.

    • The Club del Empleado, a portal specifically for employees (with 2,718 hits last year) that offers products and services to employees in the best market conditions, and publicises the over 70 agreements with different suppliers available to all our employees. The newest feature is the launch of a work/life balance area that includes agreements with senior centres, etc.

  • Inforvial is Ferrovial's internal four-monthly publication with a print run of over 10,000 copies. Inforvial contains several sections that keep employees informed of the company's evolution, vision, current issues and the period's most relevant events, etc.. Amey and BAA have their own internal publications called the Hub and One-BAA, respectively.

A number of events are organised every year to strengthen employee relations, which include:

  • The annual executive meeting, in which Ferrovial's 500 top executives, including the president, CEO and general directors, take part to share their vision of the Group's annual results and objectives.

  • The Cross-Sectional Areas Meetings, which examines market trends.

  • Conocer+, a program that brings employees together to share insights and information on Group activities and also has its own space on the company intranet.

  • Ferrovial Day, on which our employees and their families spend some time together.

  • The Ferrovial Olympics, which achieved record participation for the third straight year.

These events facilitated the work-life balance and child care services were offered to employees during their participation.

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