Dialogue with Stakeholders


Their expectations:

  • Good results and profits.

  • Access to accurate, comprehensive information on Ferrovial's performance in the marketplace.

Ferrovial's business activities and strategic decisions are based on creating value for its shareholders, transparent management, the application of best corporate governance practices in its companies and the strict observance of the standards in place at all times.

The Corporate Governance Report attached to this Corporate Responsibility Report presents detailed information on the relations between the Company and its shareholders, the Shareholders Bylaws and shareholder rights and participation.

Shareholders have access to all Company documentation, procedures for obtaining attendance cards for Shareholders Meetings and instructions for voting or delegating votes by proxy telematically, among other services, through the website. Shareholders have been able to participate virtually in Shareholders Meetings and vote by e-mail since 2005.

Ferrovial has a Shareholders Service Department with three communication channels: a Shareholders Free Help Line, an e-mail address and a fax line.

Shareholders Service Department

Tel. 902 253 050 (free in Spain)

Fax: +31 91 586 26 89