Communications media

Their expectations:

  • Openness, transparency.

  • Ethical behaviour while helping in information tasks.

Ferrovial considers the communications media stakeholders, given their influence on shaping public opinion and other stakeholder perceptions. The media are privileged communication channels between the Company and its stakeholders.

Ferrovial maintains direct, ongoing contact with approximately 60 national and international media channels and bases its relations with news professionals on transparency and close collaboration. Media relations are coordinated all over the world by Ferrovial's Corporate Communications Department. In 2007, 35 press releases in Spanish and English were issued while meetings with the Spanish and English-speaking press were organised with Ferrovial executives and the more than 1,000 calls from the press were handled.

Ferrovial's expansion abroad presents a major challenge in our relations with the communications media, since interest in the company and its subsidiaries is growing by leaps and bounds all over the world. This is reflected in the following chart which shows Ferrovial's weekly impacts in International Media.

The interest showed has provoqued a more intensive relationship with international media which has been recognised by their correspondents in Spain. Ferrovial's work with the international media garnered recognition from foreign correspondents, as reflected in Eurocofin's audit of the Spanish company and in the foreign financial media. Ferrovial was ranked the company that best attended to the foreign press, according to major European and US media correspondents.

28% of the Spanish media ranked Ferrovial's relations with the press as "Very Good" and 48% rated them as "Average", according to the first wave of data from the Key Audience Research (KAR) program devised by IPSOS.

One example this interest showed towards Ferrovial is the hits received in the press room section on Ferrovial's website, which offers journalists access to the latest news and updated multimedia material on the company. The number of hits on the press room version in English nearly tripled last year, soaring to 106,983 from 41,019 in 2006. This leap also meant that the English version of the press room received more hits than the Spanish version (50,716) for the first time. There were 70% more hits on the English webpage than on the Spanish one, although the latter also rose 23.28% compared with the previous year.

Ferrovial do not make use of any volunteer code or communication standard, but all its communication and advertising actions have recourse to the general law in force.

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