Investors and analysts

Their expectations:

  • Good results and recurrent profits.

  • Creation of value by ensuring the company's sustainability and potential for future growth

The Investor Relations Department, which is part of the Ferrovial's Financial Department, is responsible for the Company's relations with shareholders, investors and analysts. These stakeholders' main demands are for reliable, transparent financial information.

Activities with investors and analysts mainly take the shape of road shows, seminars and press conferences on the Company's strategy and events. Meetings are held with analysts to present Company results each quarter and specific presentations are prepared on material corporate issues.

In 2007, 333 meetings were held, 268 of which were with international investors or analysts. 16 meetings were held outside Ferrovial offices, 136 at Ferrovial's offices and 17 at road shows, 5 more than the previous year (181 meetings). Two presentations were prepared for analysts: the presentation of results reported on the website and Investor Day, which addressed the BAA's regulatory framework this year.

In 2007, Ferrovial responded to 620 e-mails and 310 calls requesting information or financial documentation, most of which were from retail investors, followed by companies requesting financial information. All requests for information were handled on an individual basis.

Material issues 

Ferrovial's General Secretary Department is responsible for relations with Spain's National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and other competent organs in the securities market. The CNMV received reports on 21 material issues from Ferrovial in 2007. A personalised e-mail is sent each time an issue relevant to the CNMV or anything else that is identified as being of interest to analysts or investors is reported. The Investor Relations website, which also posts all this information, received 200,357 hits in 2007: 129,104 on the English website and 70,931 on the Spanish version.

Investor and Analyst Relations

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