The Third Sector

Its expectations:

  • Environmental protection and reduction of CO2 emissions.

  • Ethical conduct in the marketplace.

  • Development of strategic development with the Company to carry out social initiatives.

  • Defence of human rights.

To create long-term value for society, Ferrovial maintains fluid relations with what are known as Third Sector organisations, which include universities, professional organisations, human rights organisations, consumer groups and cultural and social foundations. These relations are coordinated by the Quality and Environment Department and the Corporate Responsibility and Reputation area.

Ferrovial's relations with the Third Sector are structured in five tiers:

  • Participation in Third Sector institutions. Ferrovial is an active member of a number of Third Sector organisations with multi-stakeholder components, including the Spanish Global Compact Association (Asepam), of which Ferrovial is a founding member, the Corporate Reputation Forum, Fundación Empresa and Society y Forética. Along with other companies, Ferrovial sponsored the creation of the Spanish chapter of the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) in 2007.

  • Strategic alliances for project development. Ferrovial maintains strategic alliances with Third Sector institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to develop joint research projects on corporate responsibility within the Industrial Liaison Program. As for social projects with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), Ferrovial currently has strategic agreements in place with Intermón-Oxfam and AMREF-Flying Doctors. Last year's investments and projects are shown in detail in the chapter on Community.

  • Institutional meetings. Ferrovial held 278 institutional meetings with Third Sector organisations last year, including the presentation of a revised version of the AA1000 AccountAbility Standard at Ferrovial headquarters and meetings with CSR Europe at Ferrovial headquarters and the Global Compact's Networks Director at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

  • Participation in events. Executives from Ferrovial actively participate in conferences and events, particular noteworthy among which are the Davos Economic Summit, which it has attended from its inception, the 2007 United Nations Global Compact Summits in Geneva and Buenos Aires, the National Congress for the Environment (CONAMA) and the first Corporate Responsibility Market Place organised in Spain by Forética.

  • Relations through formal communication channels. 117 requests to attend corporate responsibility courses or presentations were received at

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