Information boundaries

Ferrovial's information boundaries take in the companies and any other form of association in which it is a majority shareholder or in charge of managing. It also includes all companies that generate significant impacts on sustainability.

Ferrovial comprises the flagship company Ferrovial, S.A. and its subsidiaries and the associated companies through which the Company conducts business in the following divisions:

  • Construction and execution of all kinds of public and private works both in Spain as well as abroad, fundamentally conducted by Ferrovial Agromán, S.A., this business division's flagship company. The following are responsible for some of this division's most salient activities: Construcción España (Ferrovial Agromán, S.A., Compañía de Obras Castillejos, S.A., Edytesa, S.A., Técnicas del Pretensado y Servicios Auxiliares, S.L., Ferrovial Conservación, S.A., Ditecpesa, S.A.). Some of the more noteworthy international construction activities included those in Poland conducted by Budimex, S.A. and its subsidiaries, Ferrovial Agromán Canada, Inc, Ferrovial Agromán Chile, S.A., Ferrovial Agromán US Corp, Ferrovial Agromán Irlanda Ltd, Ferrovial Agromán Portugal, S.A., and Webber.

    Other activities within this division are: construction in the United Kingdom (Ferrovial Agroman UK, Ltd) and industrial construction (Cadagua, S.A., Boremer, S.A., Cadagua Portugal, S.A., Cadagua Chile, S.A., and Cadagua Polonia, S.A.).

  • Toll roads and car parks. This includes developing, financing, executing and operating toll road and car park projects, which is conducted primarily by two companies: Cintra, S.A. and Cintra Aparcamientos, S.A., which are associated with the following companies: Dornier, S.A., Sociedad Unipersonal, Femet, S.A., Autopista del Sol, C.E.S.A, Autopista Terrasa Manresa, S.A., Autopista Madrid Sur C.E.S.A., Autopista Madrid Levante, C.E.S.A., Autopista M-203 Alcalá-O'Donnell, S.A., Cintra Portugal, Cintra Chile Limitada, 407 International Inc., Eurolink Motorway Operation, Ltd. N4/N6 (M4), Eurolink Motorway Operations (M3) Ltd, Cintra Texas Corp Skyway Concession Co.LLC, ITR Concession Company, Nea Odos Sociedad Anónima Concesionaria and Ionian Road.

    Airports. one of the leading companies in this area is BAA Plc, a British firm that holds the titles to seven UK airports and other business assets through investee companies. Ferrovial also owns two airports: Belfast City Airport and Aeropuerto Cerro Moreno Sociedad Concesionaria, S.A..

  • Services. Ferrovial Servicios S.A. is the parent company in this division, which is divided into the following business areas:

    • Conserving and maintaining infrastructures, buildings and facilities. Conducted by Amey, Plc. in the UK and Grupisa, S.A. in Spain.
    • Urban services and waste treatment. Fundamentally handled by Cespa, S.A., Ecocat S.L. (IP) and Cespa Portugal S.A.

    • Airport handling. Conducted by the Swissport Group.

    • Facility Management. Handled primarily by Ferrovial Servicios S.A., Eurolimp in Spain.

  • Real estate development. The Ferrovial Group sold its shares in Ferrovial Inmobiliaria S.A. in 2006, however it continues to be active in the Polish real estate market through its subsidiary Budimex Nieruchomosci Inwestycje Sp. Zo.o, a company jointly owned in equal parts by the Ferrovial Group and Budimex. Corporate responsibility data was not compiled by this company in 2007.

Should the scope of the information provided in the Annual Report be less than that of the group total, it will be indicated at the foot of the page.