Information consolidation process

Ferrovial implemented a new system for reporting and consolidating corporate responsibility information in 2007.

This system helps improve its quality and facilitate compiling information for internal and external reporting, e.g., the Annual Report, sustainability indices (Dow Jones, FTSE4Good, etc.), the United Nations Progress Report and other observatories or barometers that are kept informed of the activity developed. It also helps the reputed third parties that need the traceability of these indicators to verify them.

Reporting at the corporate level was chosen as the target for compiling information on the Group's Corporate Responsibility. This level allows us to work on two main areas: geography, which encompasses all Ferrovial subsidiaries worldwide, and business areas, which encompasses all Ferrovial divisions - construction, services, toll roads, car parks and airports - so that the data collected can be cross-referenced to obtain the information needed.

The reporting process has several stages: data introduced by users from their own companies, then the information passes though several validation phases until it is verified and consolidated in the end.

Information is collected from 150 users from 100 companies (only companies with activities excluding vehicle companies). Consolidated information is collected on approximately 200 indicators in all. The consolidation criteria used by the system has not been modified with regard to previous years. All the companies have reported their indicators on Social Corporate Responsibility by December 2007.