Products and services



The constant protection of the health and safety of all those who produce, distribute or use the Company's products and services is fundamental at Ferrovial and translates into concerted efforts to reduce accident risks related to our activities, particularly in airports and toll roads, through diligent designs, investment in concrete safety measures and improved planning. Ferrovial's goal is to prevent major accidents and reduce the number of minor accidents. To that end, its strategy is based on the following four points:

  1. The identification of key health and safety risks through its businesses and ongoing evaluation of the efficacy of its policy, standards and systems to assure their effectiveness.

  2. The implementation of formal management systems and efforts to foster a safety-conscious culture and safety programs in all business areas and raise awareness of safety issues and the efficacy of safety equipment.

  3. Research and investment in safer technologies.

All Ferrovial products and services fully comply with prevention principles. The company carries out exhaustive tests which ensure that its products are safe and services useful for the end user.

Employee health and safety measures are described in detail in the section on Company employees.