Research, Development and Innovation

Research, development and innovation (RDI)

Research, development and innovative technology (RDI) are the pillars of the constant improvements in quality standards and safety Ferrovial offers its customers and users. Ferrovial aspires to play a leading role in sector RDI, drive corporate development and thus improve the services it provides society. As a result, Ferrovial assumes the commitment to:

  • Promote RDI opportunities within the company's business areas.

  • Develop and apply new technologies and methodologies that improve our technical capacity and increase productivity.

  • Implement and maintain a RDI Management System certified to the UNE 166002 standard in the Company and establish mechanisms that ensure on-going improvement in its effectiveness.

  • Foster a RDI culture encouraging creativity and teamwork.

  • Systematise the compilation of knowledge obtained from RDI for its dissemination and application in the Company and, whenever appropriate, within society as a whole.

  • Appropriately exploit and protect RDI results.

During 2007, Ferrovial invested 38.5 million euros directly in RDI projects, 1.3% of the Company's gross earnings (EBITDA). The following are among the most prominent lines of research funded by Ferrovial:

  • Road safety (Proyecto Fénix)

  • Sustainable construction (Proyecto Cleam)

  • Sustainable mobility and energy saving (Proyecto CESARE IV)