Social awareness

Since the end of 2006, Ferrovial has been involved in a major social awareness campaign on the UN Millennium Development Goals promoted by the Corporate Reputation Forum (FRC). The campaign entitled "2015: a better world for Joana" centres on a symbol, Joana, a ten-year old girl who represents the millions of children who will come of age in 2015 which is the date set to take stock of the Millennium Goals. The campaign aims to raise awareness in society of the need to cooperate in the achievement of these eight goals and highlights the contribution of companies that are members of FRC in areas such as environmental sustainability, eradication of poverty, combating HIV and education.

Cooperation for development

In 2007, Ferrovial's contributions to various development cooperation projects involved investment of 574,339 euro, 9% of the total contributions to the community made over the year. By geographical area, 63% of contributions were made to projects in Africa (mainly in Tanzania and Chad) and 34% for projects in Latin America (Ecuador and Venezuela). The latter are projects that began in 2006 and were completed and justified during the year.

To execute the development cooperation projects, in 2007 Ferrovial designed a protocol of conventions and agreements to strengthen strategic partnerships and support the development of social organisations. Ferrovial currently has special collaboration with Intermón-Oxfam, the Amref-Flying Doctors Foundation and the Olof Palme Foundation, dedicated to academic activities and international cooperation.

Orientation of projects to the Millennium Goals

Ferrovial's participation in development cooperation is fully adapted to international consensus and the policies established both at regional and local level. Following an invitation from the United Nations, Ferrovial has made the Millennium goals the axis for its action in development cooperation.

  1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

  2. Achieve universal primary education.

  3. Promote gender equality and empower women.

  4. Reduce childhood mortality.

  5. Improve maternal health.

  6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

  7. Ensure environmental sustainability.

  8. Develop a global partnership for development

Public and private development partnerships

In the paper entitled "Time for Action", Ferrovial presented a proposal last July at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva for companies to join development cooperation projects related to Millennium Development Goals as players and not merely as donors. The paper was presented during the Global Compact Leaders Summit. Furthermore, in 2007 Ferrovial held meetings and conversations with representatives of the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs to look further into the design of a public and private collaboration model in relation with the Millennium Development Goals.

Swissport collaborates with an orphanage in Tanzania

Swissport collaborates with an orphanage in Tanzania

Swissport is collaborating with the orphanage Kurasini in Dar Er Salaam, the capital of Tanzania. They managed to fundraise 7,000 Euros which will be used in the construction of classrooms in the centre. Kurasini provides housing, food, and medical attention to the boys and girls of between two and twenty years old.