Dialogue with Stakeholders


Ferrovial conducts its relations with its stakeholders within a context of transparency, honesty and professionalism, based on the three principles enshrined in the Code of Business Ethics: respect for the law, ethical integrity and respect for human rights.

Truthful reporting and furnishing comprehensive information that expresses a faithful image of the Company and Group and their business activities and strategies are the pillars of Ferrovial's corporate conduct towards its shareholders, investors, analysts and the marketplace in general.

At present, Ferrovial's communication is visible and consistent, as can be seen in the RepTrak results below, which were based on 1,000 stakeholder surveys conducted during 2007. The graph shows the stakeholders' perceptions of the major attributes of Ferrovial's communication in comparison with the sector average.

Transparency is exercised within the legal limits (according to established time periods and standards) and with respect for the rights of all stakeholders. Ferrovial has a procedure in place to monitor financial information related to material operations which is regulated by measures in the Spanish Securities Market Law.

Ferrovial undertakes to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of its communications with users and employees and, in general, requires its employees to make discreet, professional use of the company information to which they have access. The professional nature of its relations means that the dialogue process is established through departments or areas, most of which belong to the CEO, that are specifically prepared to attend to each group of stakeholders.