Business sector

Its expectations:

  • Strong, respected leadership.

  • Ethical and respectful behaviour towards competitors.

  • Responsible use of power in the marketplace with integrity and following ethical principles.

A large part of Ferrovial's relations with the sector, industries and competitors takes place through its active participation in business associations or sector organisations in the business area. Ferrovial assumes a leading role in the economic, social and environmental development of the places where it operates directly or through its subsidiaries.

Ever since the debate on corporate responsibility began in 2003, Ferrovial has participated actively in workgroups in the heart of the OEEC to define the corporate stance in this area: a company's function is to create wealth and employment and corporate responsibility activities are voluntary and framed within the sphere of improving competitiveness. Business associations have defended this stance in social dialogue and are slated to play an important role in the new national Corporate Social Responsibility Board created by the Spanish government.

Ferrovial belongs to a number of business associations, among them the CEOE, Foment de Treball, Asociación Empresarios de Vizcaya (ECOVA), Círculo de Empresarios, Círculo de Economía, Instituto de la Empresa Familiar (IEF), London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Confederation of British Industry, London First and Central London Partnership.

Ferrovial was a member of the following sector organisations in 2007:

  • Construction

    SEOPAN (Asociación de Empresas Constructoras de Ambito Nacional), CNC (Confederación Nacional de la Construcción), Gremio de Constructores de Obras, Cámara Oficial de Contratistas and regional chambers of commerce, as well as regional construction business associations all across Spain. Ferrovial-Agromán is also a member of prominent associations such as the ACHE (Asociación Científica Hormigón Estructural), AEIS (Asociación Española de Ingeniería Sísmica), AETOS (Asociación Española de Túneles y Obras Subterráneas), AGECOVI (Asociación de Gestores de Cooperativas), ANAVIF (Asociación Nacional de la Vivienda), ASENFO (Asociación Nacional de Empresas Forestales), ASPRIMA (Asociación de Promotores Inmobiliarios de Madrid), ATECYR (Asociación Técnica Española de Climatización Refrigeración), ATPYC (Asociación Técnica de Puertos y Costas), CNEGP (Comité Nacional Español Grandes Presas), IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering), IASS (The International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures), IECA (Internacional Erosion Central Association), SEMR (Sociedad Española de Mecánica de Rocas), SEMSC (Sociedad Española de Mecánica del Suelo y Cimentaciones) and SEPREM (Sociedad Española de Presas y Embalses).

  • Airports

    BAA is a member of a number of organisations both in the UK as well as abroad. The major airport industry associations to which BAA belongs are the Airport Operators Association, Airports Council International - Europe (ACI-Europe) and Airports Council International - World (ACI-World).

  • Handling

    Swissport is a member of major industry associations such as the IGHC/IATA, IAHA, ACI, TAPA and TACA, as well as a number of smaller organisations, such as the SITA.

  • Toll Roads

    Cintra is a member of the following toll road associations in Spain: SEOPAN (Asociación de Empresas Constructoras de Ambito Nacional), ASETA (Asociación de Sociedades Españolas Concesionarias de Autopistas, Túneles, Puentes y Vías de Peaje), AEC (Asociación Española de la Carretera) and the ATC. It is a founding member of the Irish Toll Industry Association and a member of the I.B.E.C (Irish Business and Employers Confederation). In Portugal, it is a member of the Centro Rodoviario Portugués, Cámara de Comercio e Industria Luso-española and the ASECAP.

  • Car parks

    In the car park area, Cintra is a member of the AEGA (Asociación de empresarios de garajes, aparcamientos, estaciones de engrase y lavado y auto estaciones de Madrid), AMEGA (Asociación madrileña de empresas de garajes), ANERE (Asociación Nacional de empresas de regulación de estacionamiento), ASEPARC (Asociación española de aparcamientos), FEDESA (Federación española de asociaciones del sector de aparcamientos) and the Agrupación Provincial de Empresarios de Garajes Aparcamientos y Estaciones de Lavado y Engrase de Cantabria.

  • Infrastructure maintenance and conservation

    Ferrovial is a member of major organisations related to infrastructure maintenance and conservation and plant management, which in Spain include ACEX (Asociación de Empresas de Conservación y Explotación de Infraestructuras), AGESFER (Asociación de Empresas de Servicios Ferroviarios), AMI (Asociación de Mantenimiento Industrial), ASPEL (Asociación Profesional de Empresarios de Limpieza), INC (Sanitary Supply Association) and SEFM (Sociedad Española de Facility Management International). In the UK, Amey is a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, Institution of Mechanical Engineer, International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, Chartered Institute of Management, British Standards Institution, Institute of Civil Engineers, Institution of Highways and Transportation, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, British Quality Foundation, Considerate Contractor Scheme, European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), Association of Project Management, Safety & Standards Strategy Group SSSG (Railway Industry Association), Intelligent Transport Society (ITS) and Association for Commuter Transport (ACT).

  • Waste and urban services

    Cespa is a member of a number of different business and professional associations, which include the AEA (Asociación Española de Arboricultura), AERCE (Asociación Española de Responsables de Compras o Existencias), ASEGRE (Asociación Española de Gestores de Residuos), ASEJA (Asociación Española de Empresas de Jardinería), ASEMFO (Asociación Nacional de Empresas Forestales), ASELIME (Asociación de Empresas de Limpieza Técnica Industrial Mecanizada), ASELIP (Asociación Empresarial de Limpieza Pública), ATEGRUS (Asociación Técnica para la Gestión de Residuos y Medio Ambiente), ECOEMBES (Ecoembalajes España), ISR (Club Español de los Residuos) and SIGFITO (Sistema Integrado de Gestión de residuos de productos fitosanitarios).

    At the regional level, Cespa is a member of the ACITRE (Asociación Catalana de Instalaciones de Tratamiento de Residuos Especiales), ACLIMA (Asociación Cluster de Industrias de Medio Ambiente de Euskadi), APVEC (Asociación de los profesionales de los espacios verdes de Cataluña), Environmental Area of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, ASETRAVI (Asociación Empresarial de Transportes de Vizcaya), CEPTA (Confederación Empresarial de la Provincia de Tarragona), FEAT (Federación Empresarial del Autotransporte), FIDA (Fundación para la Investigación y Desarrollo Ambiental), Fundació Enginyeria Agrícola Catalana, Fundació Forum Ambiental, IZAITE (Asociación de Empresas Vascas por la Sostenibilidad) and Gestora de Runes.

Professional associations

In addition to business sector associations, Ferrovial belongs to a number of professional associations that focus on innovation management, information exchange and ongoing training, including the ADC DIRCOM (Asociación de Directivos de Comunicación), AEDIPE (Asociación Española de Directivos de Personal), AENOR (Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación), AERI (Asociación Española para las Relaciones con Investors), APD (Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección), ASEPAM (Asociación Española del Pacto Mundial), Club de Gestión de la Calidad, FIDA (Fundación Investigación y Desarrollo Ambiental), Forética, FRC (Foro de Reputación Corporativa), Fundació Forum Ambiental, Fundación Empresa y Sociedad, Fundación Entorno, IAI (Institute for Intangible Analysis)

Institutional Relations

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